Workflow Assistant – Create New Workflow

This is the first panel in the Workflow Assistant; access it through the Tools menu.

Source: Select a starting point for the new workflow.

  • If you choose Fresh Start, type in a workflow name, then click Next to continue.

  • If you choose Existing Workflows, view available workflows and choose one to start from, type in a workflow name for the new workflow and click Next.

Select an item to start from: Select each workflow to view its steps. Select the one to be used as source for the new workflow. This source is not altered by your new settings. When you choose Fresh Start you do not need to use this panel.

Workflow name: Type in a workflow name.

Workflow diagram: This panel displays the workflow diagram. It shows all steps in the workflow, allowing you to choose the one closest to your needs. If not all steps are visible, navigate with the arrow buttons above and below the list.

Next: Click this to move to the next step in the workflow.

Workflow Assistant – Create New Workflow