Workflow Assistant – Correct Recognition Results

Editing and Proofing options

Editing of recognized pages allowed without running proofreader: Select this if you want to make corrections in the Text Editor manually. After recognition the program will stop waiting for your intervention.

Proofreader to run on recognized pages with editing allowed: Select this if you want to run the Proofreader after recognition.

Mark all non-dictionary words: Select this to see red underlines on non-dictionary words in the Text Editor. It will also flag non-dictionary words you type or paste into recognized text.

Training options

Enable IntelliTrain: Use this button to specify whether IntelliTrain should run during proofing or not. When it runs, it takes your proofing corrections and considers using them to solve other cases of unsure recognition in the document.

Training file: Use this to specify a training file to be used during forthcoming recognition. To remove a training file, select [none]. While a training file is loaded, any new training data is provisionally added to this file. The Training File dialog box, called from the Tools menu, lets you save the added data into the file.


  • Only the first option should be applied when recognizing Japanese, Chinese or Korean. Proofreading and training are not supported.


  • When your workflow runs in a job with manual zoning specified, you can still choose for each running of the job whether proofing and other interactive steps will be enabled or suppressed. The checkbox Run job without any prompts in the Job Start Stop Options dialog box controls this.

Workflow Assistant – Correct Recognition Results