User Dictionary Files dialog box

Access this from the Tools menu.

File name: This lists your user dictionaries, as well as [none]. The current setting is shown by the word (current). The dictionary Custom  may appear; it is your default user dictionary for Microsoft Word. Click an item to select it.

Set As Current: Select a user dictionary and click this to set this dictionary as current. Select [none] and click this to have no user dictionary.

Edit…: Use this to view or edit the selected dictionary. It also lets you import words from a word list or export the dictionary contents to a file.

New…: Use this to name a new user dictionary. It will become current. Then you can use Edit to enter words or import them from a word list. You can also enter words from the OCR Proofreader dialog box as you proofread documents.

Extract: Use this to extract an embedded user dictionary file from an OmniPage Document. The Save New User Dictionary dialog box appears where you can save the user dictionary as a separate user dictionary file.

Embed: Use this to embed a user dictionary file in an OmniPage Document. The Embed in OPD dialog box appears.

Add…: Use this to add a user dictionary file to the list,  with the ability to browse for it.

Remove: Use this to remove the selected user dictionary from the list.


  • User dictionaries cannot be compiled for Japanese, Chinese or Korean.



User Dictionary Files dialog box