Training Files dialog box

Access this from the Tools menu.

This dialog box lists the training files you have saved, as well as [none]. The current setting is shown by the word [current].

If training (either automatic or manual) was done, [unsaved] will be displayed as a separate item. If you have received and opened an extended OPD file with an embedded training file, this appears as [embedded] and can be saved to a named file on your local machine.

  • Click an item to select it.

  • Click Set As Current to make a selected training file or [none] the current training value.

  • Click Edit… to display the Edit Training dialog box to change a character value assigned to a character shape, or to delete a character shape along with its assigned value.

  • Click Save to save [modified] or [unsaved] or [embedded] training data.

  • Click Extract… to extract a training file embedded in an OmniPage Document. The Save Training Files dialog box appears where you can save the training file as a separate file.

  • Click Embed… to embed a training file in an OmniPage Document. The Embed in OPD dialog box appears.

  • Click Add… to add a training file to the list, with the ability to browse for it.

  • Click Remove to remove the selected training file from the list.


  • Before recognizing a document in Japanese, Chinese or Korean, be sure no training file is loaded. Using a training file will degrade both the recognition and the training file.

Training Files dialog box