Toolbars dialog box

Access this by selecting Toolbars in the View menu or right clicking on the toolbar area away from a control and choosing Toolbars.

Toolbars: Select the toolbars that you want to display on the OmniPage Desktop. Deselect any toolbars that you want to hide. All toolbars can be floated and docked. In Quick Convert View only the OmniPage Toolbox (Quick), the Image toolbar (Quick) and the Status bar are available.

Show ToolTips: Select this to see the names of toolbar buttons and controls in a small popup panel whenever you move the cursor onto a button. To see keyboard equivalents as well as names, select the lower checkmark as well.

Show shortcut keys in ToolTips: Select this to have ToolTips display both the names and keyboard equivalents of buttons and controls. Available only if ToolTips are enabled.

Reset: Click this button to turn all toolbars on and return them to their default docked locations: Standard toolbar horizontal under menu bar, OmniPage Toolbox horizontal under Standard toolbar, Image toolbar vertical on left of current page image, Formatting toolbar horizontal along the top of the Text Editor.

  • The Image toolbar has three tool groups (zoning, rotation, table handling) that can be floated separately from the main toolbar. When the whole toolbar is docked, use Toolbars in the View menu to show or hide it. When any sub-group of tools is floated it can be shut independently of the Image toolbar. If you shut one of these floating toolbars, its tools no longer appear in the Image toolbar. Use Toolbars in the View menu to restore them.  


Toolbars dialog box