Tabs dialog box

To display this dialog box choose Tabs… in the Format menu, or the Tabs… button in the Paragraph dialog box.

Tab stop position: Enter a value to place a new tab in the selected paragraph(s). Select a value to change the settings for an existing tab stop.

Alignment: left, right, center, decimal. Select the appropriate value to make the current tab stop left-aligned, right-aligned, centered or decimal-aligned. Both commas and periods are acceptable as the decimal marker.

Leader: Select one of the three line styles. These dotted or solid tab leader lines will be placed in the space of the tab jump. They are printing characters, unlike the right-arrows which can be used to display the position of tabs. Tab leader lines are useful when preparing a table of contents. You can also select None.

Click Set to set the properties for the tab stop defined in the Tab stop position edit box. You must click Set before moving to a new tab, and also OK to have all tab settings implemented.

Click Clear to remove the tab stop currently defined in the edit box.

Click Clear All to remove all tab stops from the currently selected paragraph(s).

  • You can also place and move tabs in the Text Editor’s ruler.

Tabs dialog box