Redact Document dialog box

Omnipage pro Redact Document dialog box

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.


This dialog box appears whenever there is any text marked for redacting in the Text Editor and:

  • you click the Omnipage tool marking redact Redact Document dialog box  Redact Document tool or

  • you click the Close and Redact Document button in the Find, Replace and Mark Text dialog box.

Redaction can be performed on a copy of the current document or on the original document. The options are:

Create a copy of the current document and do the redacting on the new document: Select this to keep the original document untouched and perform redaction on a copy.

Do the redacting on the current document: Select this to overwrite the original document with the redacted blacked out text.  Be aware that redacting cannot be undone. If you need a record of what was redacted, do the redaction in a copy.

Redact: Click this to perform redaction.


When you choose to have redacting done in a copy, both the original document and the copy remain open in OmniPage, waiting to be saved. The original document shows all text marked for redacting with a gray highlight, so the text can still be read. The copy displays black blocks in place of the redacted texts.

Redacted text remains blacked out after export and the removed text cannot be discovered by searching.

When you perform immediate redacting by searching, you have only a limited ability to restore the blacked out text. Recent redacting can be undone with the Undo command, but when you leave a page or export it, the redacting becomes permanent.

Redact Document dialog box