Quick Convert Options panel

Document Source: Choose from Load Files, Load Digital Camera Files, Scan Color, Scan Grayscale, Scan B&W and loading from web sites in the Cloud. The scan commands depend on your scanner type.

Output text format: Choose from Microsoft Word 2007 (docx), Word 2000, XP (.doc), Excel 2007 (xlsx), Excel XP, 2003 (.xls), PDF, PDF Searchable Image, XPS, XPS Searchable Image, Text and WordPerfect 12, X3.

Output formatting level: Plain Text, Formatted Text, True Page, Flowing Page or Spreadsheet. The number of choices depends on the output text format chosen.

Output folder: The choices are: Same as the source folder, My Documents folder (this is the default value) and User defined folder. If you choose this latter, you can browse for a folder.  

Output file name: Choose from Same as the source file name or User defined file name. If you choose this latter, type in a file name in the text box. If you use the Easy Loader  with Get and Convert, you should set this option to Same as the source file name.

Saving options

Prompt for overwrite:  Select this to be prompted for another file name if the specified already exists.

View result: Select this to have the target application activated with the saved file opened. The target application is by default the one associated with your saving format in your Windows system, but you can specify a different application as a converter option for this file type.

Pages to convert: Choose from All, Current Page or Pages. In this latter case type in the page numbers in the text box. E.g. 1, 4-6. This setting takes effect only if a multi-page image file is loaded or multiple pages were scanned and you then press the Convert Document button.

All Options: Click this to display the OmniPage Options panel.


  • You cannot switch to Quick Convert View if there is a document already open. When you are using it just to load files, you can load only one file at a time. One input file becomes one output document. The only exception is when you use Easy Loader in Quick Convert View with Get and Convert chosen in the Process menu – then you can make a multiple file selection.

    The Status bar gives information on language and OCR setting (accuracy or speed). If you want to change these or any other settings, click the All Options… button.

Quick Convert Options