Kindle Assistant

The dialog box is called from the Tools menu, but appears only if English is selected as the interface language – at the moment the Amazon Kindle service is available only in the United States.

Workflow name

Enter a name for the workflow the Kindle Assistant will create. For detail, see Sending to Kindle.

Document Source

Choose a document source: scanner, file or digital image file.

Account name

Enter the account name (an e-mail address) you received with your Kindle reader.

Output document name

This becomes the name of the document on your Kindle device.


Choose this to save your three-step workflow for later use or modification.

Save and Run

Choose this to save the workflow, but also to run it immediately, so that the recognized document is sent to Amazon and then displayed on the reader.

  • Workflows created by this Assistant do not save recognition results to your local computer. To achieve this, open the created workflow in the Workflow Assistant and add a second saving step.




Kindle Assistant