Job Wizard — Start and Stop Options

Call this by clicking Create Job in the Batch Manager’s File menu, defining a job type and name and clicking Next.

Start Time: Select a starting mode for processing this job: you can start it immediately, at a later time or repeatedly. Select the starting date and time for processing this job.

End Time: This option is available for watched folder jobs and barcode cover page  jobs. You can specify a finishing time for a job or run it without time limit. Select the finishing date and time for processing this job.

Delete input files: Click this only if you want to delete the input image files after completing a job. Use this with care, because you can check job results only after job completion.

E-mail Notification…: Select this to send an e-mail notification of the workflow or job completion.

Run job without any prompts: If you have a job requiring user interaction, choose whether to allow it or not with this checkmark. This lets you run such jobs in two ways, avoiding the need to create two jobs. If you plan to be at the computer as the job runs, de-select the checkmark. If you want to run the job without being present, select the checkmark. Then only automatic image enhancement will run, auto-zoning will replace manual zoning and proofing is skipped. In this case you must ensure that the input and saving file sets and locations are pre-defined.

If you set Recurrent as the starting time, you will move to the Job recurrence wizard panel.

Job Wizard — Start and Stop Options