Import Workflow

To display this dialog box, select Import Workflow… in the Workflow drop-down list or from the Process > Workflows submenu. This dialog box will also be displayed,  if you click the Import… button in the Workflows dialog box from Tools > Workflows….

Look in: This shows which folder’s contents is currently displayed. Click here to move to a different folder. Workflows can be imported from anywhere.

Name: This lists the workflow names in the selected folder. Select a workflow to be imported.

File name: This displays the name of the selected workflow.

Files of type: Workflow Files (*.xwf)

  • Imported workflows are not copied physically to your computer, only a shortcut is created for them.


  • If an imported workflow has a standard path (e.g. My Documents) for loading or saving files, the path will be adjusted to your computer.

    under Vista and Windows 7
    C:\Users\<user name>\Documents

    under Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\My Documents


Import Workflow