Font Matching dialog box

Access this from the OCR panel of the Options dialog box (Tools menu).

Fonts on System: This lists all fonts installed on your system and available for font matching use in the Text Editor and for text output. Select and add desired fonts. Use the Control Panel to install more fonts on your system.

Fonts for your document: This lists all fonts OmniPage may use to match fonts from the original document. Matched fonts are not used in the Editor’s Plain Text view. The display font will also be used for text export, if the output format allows that.

Add: Click this to add selected fonts from “Fonts on System” to “Fonts in your document”.

Remove: Click this button to remove the selected fonts from “Fonts in your document”. Removed fonts will no longer be considered for font matching. Removed fonts can be restored from the system fonts at any time.

Sample: This panel displays the appearance of the font last selected in either of the above lists.

Use Defaults: Use this button to clear the current font list and have fonts matched to a maximum of eight standard fonts. The most common ones are Arial for non-serif text, Times New Roman for serif text and Courier New for monospaced text.


  • Settings in this dialog box are not applied when Asian recognition is performed. Then a default Asian-capable font is automatically applied (typically Arial Unicode MS). You can change this to other Asian-enabled fonts in the Text Editor or target application.



Font Matching dialog box