Font dialog box

Font: This list contains all font files detected on your system. Select the desired font for the text selection. Use your system’s Control Panel to add fonts to your system.

Font style: Select regular, italic, bold or bold italic for the text selection.

Size: Select a font size for the text selection.

Underline style: Select this to place or remove a single or double underline under the selected text.

Font color: Use this to choose a color for the selected text. Automatic means the color defined in your Windows Control Panel (by default, black).

Background color: Use this to place, change or remove a background color (a highlight) for the currently selected text in the Editor. Automatic means the value defined in your Windows Control Panel (by default, white).


  • Select Strikethrough to have selected text crossed out with a horizontal line.

  • Select Superscript to have selected text superscripted (appearing raised and in a smaller font size).

  • Select Subscript to have selected text subscripted (appearing lowered and in a smaller font size).

Character Spacing

Scale: Use this to stretch or compress text (including spaces) horizontally as a percentage of its current size. Select a percentage.

Spacing: Use this to have the selected text expanded (more space between characters) or condensed (less space) by a defined amount. Settings are given in points.

The Preview window displays the effect of the current settings, using the font name as its specimen text.

  • Font, font style, font size and single underline selection can also be done from the Text Editor’s Formatting toolbar.

Font dialog box