Embed in OPD dialog box

To display this dialog box click the Embed button in one of the following dialog boxes

  • User Dictionary Files

  • Training Files

  • Zone Template Files

  • Image Enhancement Template Files

You can embed any number of user dictionary, training, zone template or image enhancement template files in an OmniPage Document.

The following items are already embedded: This list may be empty or it can contain the name of any user dictionary files, training files, zone template files or image enhancement template files already embedded in the OmniPage Document. If you displayed this dialog box e.g. from the Zone Template Files dialog box, the list will contain only the zones template files already embedded (if any).

Name: Enter the name of the item (user dictionary / training file / zone template / image enhancement template) to be embedded.

  • Embedded zone templates will be displayed in the Layout Description drop-down list as Embedded: [zone template name].


Embed in OPD dialog box