Edit User Dictionary dialog box

Access the User Dictionary Files dialog box from the Format menu, select a user dictionary and click Edit… .

User word: Enter a word or item here that you want to add to the dictionary, then click Add. An item may not contain more than one word nor be bounded by punctuation.

Words in dictionary: This lists all words in the current user dictionary. Click a word to select it. Use Shift+clicks or Ctrl+clicks to make a multiple selection.

Add: Enter a word or item in the edit box to the left, then click this to add it to the dictionary.

Delete: Select one or more words, then click this to delete the selected word(s).

Delete All: Click this to delete all words from the current user dictionary without deleting the dictionary itself.

Import…: Click this to import words from a plain text file containing a word list (extension TXT or UD). Each item or word in the file must be in a separate line.

Export…: Click this to export the contents of this user dictionary to a plain text file: extensions TXT or UD are offered.


  • Do not use this for Japanese, Chinese or Korean.


Edit User Dictionary dialog box