Edit Training dialog box

An asterisk in the title bar of this dialog box indicates that the displayed training is not yet saved. If a saved training file is being edited, its name appears. If an asterisk appears after the name, some unsaved training has been added to the file.

This panel shows the character shapes in the training file and their assigned values.

Omnipage train edit Edit Training dialog box

The left-most character shape is currently selected and its edit box is open, ready to receive a change in the OCR solution linked to the character shape. Changed assignations are displayed in red.

The second character “D” has been marked as deleted. It does not disappear immediately. It can still be restored: select it and click Delete again.

  • Double-click a rectangle to change its assigned character value. Key in the new character value and press Enter. Changed values appear red.

  • Click a rectangle to select a character. Press Delete to delete it; it turns gray. Press Delete again to restore it.

  • Click OK to confirm all changes; characters marked deleted are really deleted at this point.


  • If you had a training file loaded with IntelliTrain enabled when performing Asian recognition, your training file is likely to be damaged. Use this to repair it.


Edit Training dialog box