Edit Hyperlink dialog box

To display this dialog box right-click a hyperlink in the Text Editor and choose Hyperlink… > Edit Hyperlink… from the shortcut menu.

Text to display: This displays the text selected for the hyperlink (if any). Enter or change the text as desired.

Type the file or Web page name: Type a file name with its full path to establish a link to a file or type the address of an existing web page (such as www.nuance.com). Instead of typing  you can use the button File… or Web Page… to select a file name or a web address to be linked.

File…: Click this to select a file to be linked. Select a file name in the Link to File dialog box that appears. The file name will be displayed with its full path.

Web Page…: Click this to locate the address of an existing web page from your default web browser. The program will open it so you can find, select and copy the address to paste in the edit box above.

Remove Link: Click this to remove the current hyperlink.

Edit Hyperlink dialog box