E-mail Notification dialog box

Access this by starting the Batch Manager from the Process menu; click or select Create Job, to open the Job Wizard. Its first panel  lets you specify a job type and name The second panel presents Start and Stop options, including the button E-mail Notification.

Send e-mail notification: Select this to send an e-mail notification of the workflow or job completion.

Recipient’s e-mail address: Type in an e-mail address. If you have selected one from the Address Book, this will be displayed here. Then click on Add.

Address Book…: Click this to select a name from your address book.

List of Recipients: This lists the recipients an e-mail will be sent to after the job is finished.

Add: Click this to add the selected address to the list of recipients. You can choose an address by clicking on Address Book… and selecting an address, or entering the address manually.

Remove: Click this to remove the selected e-mail address from the list of recipients.

Message text: Type in the message text.

Subject: Type in the subject of your mail.

Attach log file: Click this to send the job log file as an attachment.


E-mail Notification dialog box