Convert Selected Files dialog box

To display this, select one or more input files in Windows Explorer, your desktop or Easy Loader, right-click and choose OmniPage 18 ► Convert Now Wizard… from the shortcut menu.

Output Format

Select Text or Image.

Text:  Select this to convert the selected image files (including image-only PDF) in one of the offered file types (e.g. Microsoft Word).

Image: Select this to convert the selected images to another image file format. All files are saved into a single output file, unless the output file format does not support multi-page, in which case multiple numbered files are created (BMP, JPG, PCX).

Output Target

Select one from the following options in the selection box: Save to Files, Save to FTP, Send in Mail, Save to SharePoint (or another ECM). Saving to targets in the Cloud is also supported.

Saving options

Prompt for Overwrite: Click this to let a warning message appear if the output file name already exists. You can decide how to proceed: Overwrite, Append, Skip or Cancel.

View Results:  Select this to display the recognition results in the target application associated with the output file type.

Generated Files

File Name and Path: This displays the output file name and location for information purposes. The output files will have the same name and folder location as their input files but a different file extension.

Convert Now: Click this to start conversion with the current settings.

Continue with Assistant…: Click this to change settings (e.g. formatting level, recognition language) in the Workflow Assistant. The conversion will start after clicking Finish in the Workflow Assistant.





Convert Selected Files dialog box