Check Training dialog box

Words changed by training lists all words on the current page that the program suggests changing as a result of the training you have just done.

Omnipage eng train check Check Training dialog box

Proposed changes in each word appear blue. Check the words one by one.

Image displays the original image of the selected word.

The Select character(s) to Re-Train edit box displays the selected word with a highlight on the character the program wants to change. The edit box lets you select neighboring characters to re-train as a group, e.g. if ‘rn’ was recognized instead of ‘m’.

The context is displayed at the bottom of the Check Training dialog box.

Click OK if all words are correct.

Click Cancel to discard proposed changes if more than half the proposed changes are wrong. Then only the original occurrence will be corrected.

Click Re-Train... to rectify an error in the selected word. The Train Character dialog box appears where you can assign the correct character to the selected shape. Repeat this until the list contains only correct solutions, then click OK.

  • Not applicable for Asian languages.


Check Training dialog box