Batch Manager General Options

Access this from the Tools menu in the Batch Manager.

Enable OmniPage Agent on system tray at system startup: Enable this to have scheduled jobs run at the specified times. It must be enabled for barcode cover page workflows to function. When this is disabled, the only jobs that can run are those you start by selecting Activate Job in the Batch Manager. Turning this on is useful to suppress the running of all jobs without having to do this one-by-one.

Shut down computer when last scheduled job is completed: Select this to close OmniPage and shut down your computer after finishing the last scheduled job.

Interval for checking the folders and mailboxes: Select an item from the list that defines the frequency of watching folders and mailboxes.

Maximum number of pages in the output document: Specify a maximum number of pages for all jobs. This maximum applies even if you selected the file option ‘Create one file for all pages’. Multiple files are differentiated by numerical suffixes. Specifying a limit makes job handling more robust.

Location for workflow files: This lists the folders that should be searched to find further workflow files (extension .xwf) that are not located in the default input folder. To add folders to the folder list (also from network locations), click the Add… button.

Add…: Click this to browse for a folder to be used for finding workflow files. The selected folder will be added to the workflow file folder list.

Remove: Click this to remove the selected folder from the list.

Batch Manager General Options