Performing OCR

OCR is the process of converting images to computer-editable text. This is also referred to as recognizing text. You can perform OCR on your document using the Start button for automatic processing or the Perform OCR button for manual processing. For processing with workflows, use the Recognize Images step.

  • OmniPage only recognizes machine-printed characters such as laser-printed or typewritten text. However, it can retain handwritten text, such as a signature, as a graphic.

To perform OCR with automatic processing:

  1. Select all settings needed to process pages. Do this in the following:

    • Get Pages drop-down list

    • Layout Description drop-down list

    • Export Results drop-down list

    • Options dialog box panels (Tools menu)

  1. Click the Omnipage tbxb start Performing OCR Start button with 1-2-3 selected in the Workflow drop-down list.

Your pages will be acquired, auto-zoned and recognized one after the other. Proofing will start if you requested it. When proofing or recognition is finished, an export dialog box appears.

To perform OCR with manual processing:

  1. Select 1-2-3 in the Workflow drop-down list.

  2. Specify how you want to acquire pages in the Get Pages drop-down list: by scanning or loading files.

  3. Acquire pages from the specified source by pressing the Get Pages button (number 1).

  4. Optionally click Omnipage tb imt ienhance Performing OCR Enhance Image in the Image toolbar if you want to enhance your image for OCR purposes. Make your changes and click Page Ready.

  5. Choose other options, such as recognition language(s), in the panels of the Options dialog box.

  6. Describe the layout of the incoming pages in the Layout Description drop-down list. Choose Automatic to let the program decide.

  7. Draw zones manually on page images if you wish. Any page without zones will be auto-zoned.

  8. Click the Perform OCR button Omnipage tbxb ocr Performing OCRto have the current or selected pages recognized. This lets you change settings on a page-by-page basis.

  9. Proofing starts if requested.

  10. Export results from recognized pages by selecting a target in the Export Results drop-down list and then clicking the Export Results button (number 3).

The document remains in OmniPage, so it can be edited, saved again, and have pages added or re-recognized.

To perform OCR with workflows

  • Create a workflow with the Workflow Assistant.

  • Add the Recognize Images step after loading or scanning images, or opening an OmniPage Document containing page images then run the workflow.

To work through automatic processing with a step-by-step tutorial, use the Quick Start Guide.

You can import files efficiently using the Easy Loader.

See Processing automatically, Processing manually and Different ways to process documents.


Performing OCR