Getting Help

This OmniPage Help follows Windows HTML Help conventions. Please see Windows documentation to learn more about using Windows Help systems.

You can access topics from a Table of Contents, through an alphabetical index or by making full-text searches through the topics. The Back button lets you retrace your steps to your previously viewed topics. The Hide or Show button lets you hide or show the Contents  / Index / Search panel. Options lets you access button commands by keyboard.

The Help menu lets you enter Help at several locations. Help includes a glossary and a keyboard guide.

Symbol used in this Help

Omnipage pro Getting Help

OmniPage Professional is a version of the product designed for more intensive use and is tailored to office environments. Its added features are denoted through the help by this symbol.

Dialog-level context-sensitive Help

You can also access Help for advice on your current work. Press F1 for help on the currently active screen area, or on an open dialog box. Some dialog boxes have their own Help icon or button.


In addition to this Help system, the following resources have been provided to help you learn about OmniPage.

User’s Guide

The User’s Guide introduces you to using OmniPage 18. This is available in electronic form on the delivery CD or in the download file set, in a sub-folder ‘Guides’. The guide is not copied to the program folder; it can be accessed through the installer prior to installation, using the Browse CD button. The Guide includes installation and activation instructions, an introduction to the program and its screen areas, task-oriented procedures, and technical information. It focuses especially on new or changed features in OmniPage 18.


Available from the Help menu. The How-to-Guides summarize the most important information on the key functions in OmniPage. The panels guide you through the main program features in a star-like structure. The Table of Contents panel gives access to the overview topics that lead you to the specific panels.

Release Notes

The Release Notes contain last-minute information about the software. Please read them before using OmniPage. To open this HTML file, choose Release Notes in the Help menu.

Nuance on the World Wide Web

Go to Nuance’s World Wide Web site for common questions and answers, updates, patches, troubleshooting procedures, information on scanning and supported scanner models and product information. The address is You can also connect to Nuance’s Web site by choosing Nuance on the Web in the Help menu. The documentation will be available on the web site in an interactive Wiki format, to invite your feedback and improvement suggestions.



Getting Help