Recognizing form elements

Omnipage pro Recognizing form elements

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

The Layout setting Automatic will not detect forms – neither will auto-zoning. To get form processing you must explicitly choose Form as the Layout setting or manually draw form zones.

Drawing form zones manually

  1. In the Image toolbar, select Omnipage tb im draw form zone Recognizing form elements Draw form zone. The Omnipage cursor drawform Recognizing form elementscursor shape will appear.

  2. Draw a form zone around the part of an image that contains your form.

Defining form layout for auto-zoning

  • Select Form in the Layout Description drop-down list to assist the program when auto-zoning is performed.

  • Select Omnipage icon tp Recognizing form elements True Page in the Text Editor, if you want to edit the recognized form elements or create new ones after recognition. Select True Page also for saving.



Recognizing form elements