Creating form elements

Omnipage pro Creating form elements

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

Use the Form Drawing toolbar to create form elements, or select Format / Form Object / Insert. You can also select the appropriate item from the Insert Form Object shortcut menu. This toolbar is available in the Text Editor only after form recognition.

Always use Omnipage icon tp Creating form elements True Page if you want to add new form elements to your form. You should also choose True Page at saving time.   

To create a form element:

  1. Click the required tool in the Form Drawing toolbar, or select the required shortcut menu item.

  2. Click on the form where you want to draw a form element and drag the mouse until the form element is the desired size.

  • After drawing a form element, the drawing tool reverts to the Selection tool.


Form drawing tools

What is it for?

Omnipage tb form text Creating form elements Text

Use this for adding fixed text descriptions on your form such as titles, labels and headers. You can replace “Label” with any text. This fixed text can be formatted.

Omnipage tb form line Creating form elements Line

Use this for distinguishing separate areas on your form.

Omnipage tb form rectangle Creating form elements Rectangle

Use rectangles as design elements to highlight areas on a form. Use the Send to Back command if the rectangle is blocking the item, such as text, that it is supposed to be highlighting.

Omnipage tb form graphic Creating form elements Graphic

Use this to add pictures, such as your company logo to your form.

Omnipage tb form filltext Creating form elements Fill text

Use this to create fillable text fields for areas where you want people to enter text on the form. Commonly used for information such as name, company,  address, and comments.

Omnipage tb form comb Creating form elements Comb

Use this to create a fillable text field that is separated into different boxes for entering information such as a ZIP code. You can prefill selected comb cells with a fixed text.

Omnipage tb form checkbox Creating form elements Checkbox

Use this for Yes / No questions and for selecting one or more choices on a form. Checkboxes can be grouped.

Omnipage tb form circletext Creating form elements Circle text

Use this to create elements that gets encircled when selected. You can replace the number with any text. Circle texts can be grouped.

Omnipage tb form table Creating form elements Table

Use this to create tables in your form. You can replace “Label” with any text. The text can be formatted. You can prefill selected table cells with a fixed text.

As fillable form elements are created, they are automatically given default field names such as CheckBox1, or FillText1. It is recommended that you give each element a more specific name to identify elements later more easily. Use the Form Object Properties command in the shortcut menu to replace default field names.






Creating form elements