When does auto-zoning run?

Using automatic processing: Auto-zoning always runs on the whole page, unless you load a zone template file. Your layout description influences the auto-zoning process during automatic processing.

Using manual processing: There are three cases when auto-zoning runs. Process and ignore zones and backgrounds determine which image parts will be auto-zoned.

  • auto-zone a whole page. The page must not contain any zones.

  • auto-zone a part of a page. The page part should be enclosed in a process zone.

  • auto-zone a page background. The page background should be set as a process background.

See Zones, backgrounds and auto-zoning for more information.

Using workflows: Auto-zoning runs unless you choose Zone Images (both for manual zoning or applying a zone template) in the Workflow Assistant. Auto-zoning will also run if the manually drawn zone is a process zone.

Direct OCR: Auto-zoning always runs if you select Draw zones automatically in the Direct OCR panel of the Options dialog box, or in the Acquire Text Settings dialog box. If you do not select this, zoning must be done manually.


When does auto-zoning run?