Text Editor formatting levels

The Text Editor can display text with three levels of formatting. Use the buttons at the left of the scroll bar or the View menu to change formatting levels. Graphics and tables can appear in all levels.

Omnipage icon nf%20 Text Editor formatting levels

Plain Text

This displays plain decolumnized left-aligned text in a single font and font size, with the same line breaks as in the original document. Most formatting buttons and dialog boxes are disabled. Mark Text functions (Highlight, Strikeout, Mark for Redacting) are also disabled. Rulers are not displayed. You may find this view convenient for verifying and editing the text.

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Formatted Text

This displays decolumnized text with font and paragraph styling. The horizontal ruler is displayed. Text will be wrapped if you requested that. You may find this view convenient for verifying, editing and modifying the text together with its styling.

Omnipage icon tp Text Editor formatting levels

True Page

This formatting level tries to conserve as much of the formatting of the original document as possible. Character and paragraph styling is retained.

All page elements, including pictures, titles, tables and columns, are placed in text, picture and table boxes. Pages with a complex layout may contain multicolumn areas where flowing text, possibly along with pictures and tables, are grouped together. These areas can be ungrouped. Frames are placed only when a visible frame border or shaded area is detected on an original image. Frames may include one or more text, table or picture boxes that can be reordered within a frame.

Click an element to see its border. The border color denotes its contents: brown is used for text boxes, green for pictures, blue for tables, gray for frames and orange for multicolumn areas.

You must use True Page to see and edit non-Asian vertical text vertically and to view, edit and save form elements in OmniPage Professional.

For guidance on editing elements in True Page click here.

  • When you switch to Plain Text, the different fonts and their sizes, styles and attributes and the paragraph formatting all disappear. But they are not lost. When you switch back to a higher-level view, they are all restored. In Plain Text you can set a single font and size for displaying the whole text. These values are applied only for Plain Text and are dropped on export and when you switch to another level. In all other cases, the font and paragraph formatting is transferred from one level to another.

Text Editor formatting levels