Speed zoning

This lets you do manual zoning quickly when you want to process only parts of a page, for instance to select only certain paragraphs and diagrams from an article.

How to do speed zoning

  1. Make sure the Omnipage tb im select zone Speed zoning Select zone tool is active.

  2. Move the cursor over the page image. Shaded areas will appear one after the other, showing the auto-detected zones.

  3. Double-click in a shaded area to transform it to a zone.

  4. Repeat as desired, checking that zone types and boundaries are suitable and modifying them if necessary.

  5. Send the page to recognition. The zoned areas will be processed, everything else will be ignored.

If the Omnipage tb im fly red Speed zoning the On-the-fly tool is on then the zone is recognized immediately.

Speed zoning