Generating zones automatically

You can have OmniPage analyze an image and create zones automatically for you. Or, you can draw some zones manually and then let OmniPage automatically find zones on other parts of the page. See Zones, backgrounds and auto-zoning for more detail.

OmniPage uses the selected settings in the Layout Description drop-down list to determine the text flow on a page and then break it into zones.

Form zones are available in OmniPage Professional. They cannot be generated automatically – they must be manually drawn.

To generate all zones automatically:

  1. Choose a setting in the Layout Description drop-down list that most closely matches the original format of your document.

    You can choose Automatic (for mixed pages), Single-Column Pages (with or without tables), Multiple-Column Pages, Spreadsheet Pages, Form, Legal Pleading, Custom layout, or a zone template that you have created. For more information on each choice, see Describing original layout.

  2. Click the Start button or choose Workflows in the Process menu and click Start with 1-2-3 selected. OmniPage automatically loads the page and processes the image. After recognition, the zones are displayed on the current page image. Each zone has an icon indicating its assigned zone type.

  1. You do not need to change the zone properties unless you want to modify the way page was treated during OCR. If you are not satisfied with the zoning, you can modify the zones and their properties.

  2. Click the On-the-fly tool Omnipage tb im fly red Generating zones automatically from the Image toolbar to enable on-the-fly processing of zoning changes made on recognized pages. Zone changes are processed and transferred to the Text Editor immediately.

Click Omnipage tb im store zoning changes Generating zones automatically to disable on-the-fly processing. A red circle on the tool indicates no zoning changes are stored, a green circle indicates zone changes are stored. Modified but still unprocessed zones have a dashed line border.

  1. During automatic processing, you can use a zone template. You can place Ignore zones in a template, to exclude a certain part of all pages from recognition.

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Generating zones automatically