Matching document fonts

OmniPage automatically matches detected fonts to specified fonts. To match fonts, OmniPage analyzes text on the original document and compares it to the fonts on your computer.

To customize the font matching:

  1. Choose the OCR panel in the Options dialog box.

  2. Click Font Matching… to open the Font Matching dialog box.

    The list on the left side of the dialog box contains all fonts installed on your system. The list on the right side contains the fonts that will be permitted for texts placed in the Text Editor from recognition.

  3. Select the desired fonts under Fonts on System and click Add to add them to the Fonts for your document list.

    Use the Windows Control Panel to install more fonts on your system.

  4. Select fonts you do not want to be placed by the OCR process in the Fonts for your document list and click Remove.

    Removed fonts will no longer be considered for font matching but they can be restored from the system fonts at any time.

  5. During text editing in Formatted Text and True Page formatting levels, all fonts installed in your system are available for use.


  • When Japanese, Chinese or Korean is set as recognition language, the font matching instructions are ignored, and a default Asian-enabled font is automatically used – typically this is Arial Unicode MS. You can change it in the Text Editor to any other Asian-capable font you have installed.


Matching document fonts