Undoing and redoing changes

Click Omnipage tb st undo Undoing and redoing changes or choose Undo in the Edit menu to undo your last change or command. In many cases you can undo a series of changes. Use it to:

  • cancel recent changes to zoning one by one.

  • cancel recent changes in the Text Editor one by one.

  • cancel page deletions in the Document Manager or in thumbnails one by one.

To redo a command you have undone, choose Redo in the Edit menu. You can redo a series of undone actions.

  • When you rotate an image manually, any zones of the image and the recognition results are deleted, after you confirm the command. These deleted items cannot be restored by Undo.


  • Reading order changes can be undone. When the Change Reading Order tool Omnipage tb f order change Undoing and redoing changes is clicked, a separate undo button appears in the Text Editor ruler.


  • Immediate redaction done by searching can be undone to a limited extent – practically redaction done within the last twenty or so operations can be undone. Once you leave a page or export it, the redaction is permanent.

Undoing and redoing changes