Reading order

The reading order of text, table and graphic boxes can be displayed and changed in True Page formatting level. If the grouping of text, graphic and table elements was not properly detected by the program, you can rearrange the elements. A changed order is applied in Plain Text and Formatted Text and has an effect on these formatting levels at saving time. Cursor jumps in True Page will reflect the order changes but will have no influence when saving in True Page formatting level.

To change the reading order:

  1. Click Omnipage icon tp Reading order to switch to True Page.

  2. Click Omnipage tb f order show Reading order to display the reading order.

Gray arrows will show the order of text, table and graphic boxes. If you switch to another Text Editor formatting levels, you will see these elements one below the other.

  1. Click Omnipage tb f order change Reading order if you want to change this order.

The arrows will disappear.

  1. Click in some or all of the boxes with Omnipage cursor hand Reading order one after the other in the desired order.

  2. Click Omnipage tb f order apply Reading order to apply the new order.

The currently determined order will be applied to the page and the arrows will reappear showing the changed order. You can also switch to another view in the Text Editor to see how the elements are reordered.

  • Click Omnipage tb f order restore Reading order  to restore and display the originally defined order so you can start reordering again.

  • Click Omnipage tb f order cancel Reading order to cancel your changes and stop reordering.

Reading order within complex areas (frames and multicolumn areas)

You can change the reading order of elements within complex areas only if you ungroup them. So, first ungroup a complex area to text, graphic and tables boxes as required and then define the reading order.

To rearrange boxes inside a complex area:

  1. Right-click in a frame or multicolumn area and choose Ungroup on the shortcut menu.  

  2. Define a new reading order. Follow the instructions above.

You cannot change the text flow within a multicolumn area. The program always handles texts in two or more columns enclosed by pink borders as flowing text. Do not group the boxes again if you want to keep the changed order.

ATTENTION: The reading order of boxes reordered in True Page has no influence when True Page is used for export. Choose Plain Text or Formatted Text at saving time if you want to enforce the new reading order.

Reading order