Cutting text

You can cut the current selection from the Text Editor and send it to the Clipboard. The selection can be a block of text, part or all of a table or a whole page.

To cut text:

  1. Select the text that you want to cut in the Text Editor.

  1. Click Omnipage tb st cut Cutting text in the Standard toolbar or choose Cut in the Edit menu or in the shortcut menu.

    The selected text disappears from the Text Editor and is placed on the Clipboard.

  2. Text is placed with formatting in RTF format. When you paste it into an application, formatting will be retained if possible. If your target application cannot handle the formatting, plain text will be pasted. Text cut from one document in OmniPage and pasted into the Text Editor in a different document will display at the formatting level currently or subsequently set.


  • Graphics cannot be cut, only copied. If you cut a whole page from the Text Editor, any graphics are not removed.

Cutting text