Converting Text to Speech

OmniPage can convert your recognized text into speech and read it out loud, allowing you to listen to your document. This may help you as you verify the text.

The Nuance RealSpeak speech facility is offered for a wide range of languages: currently: English (US and International), Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. All speech systems will be installed with OmniPage if you choose a complete installation. If you perform a custom installation, you can choose the languages you need. If you later want to read text aloud in a language you did not choose, you can install it from your program CD.

To have text read aloud:

  1. Enable the Text-to-Speech facility with the menu item Speech Mode in the Tools menu, or with the F10 key.

  2. Use the menu item Speech Settings to select a voice (for example, male or female for a given language), a reading speed and the volume.

  3. From now on, movements of the insertion point in the Text Editor will cause text to be read aloud. Make selections with the mouse or use keyboard keys as shown below.

  4. Turn the Text-to-Speech facility off by clicking the Speech Mode menu item again.

To hear text:

Use these keys:

One character at a time, forward or back

Right or left arrow. Letter, number or punctuation names are spoken.

Current word

Ctrl + Numpad one ( 1 )

One word to the right

Ctrl + right arrow *

One word to the left

Ctrl + left arrow *

A single line

Place the insertion point in the line

Next line

Down arrow

Previous line

Up arrow

Current sentence

Ctrl + Numpad two ( 2 )

From insertion point to end of sentence

Ctrl + Numpad six ( 6 )

From start of sentence to insertion point

Ctrl + Numpad four ( 4 )

Current page

Ctrl + Numpad three ( 3 )

From top of current page to insertion point

Ctrl + Home

From insertion point to end of current page

Ctrl + End

Previous, next or any page

Ctrl + PgUp, PgDn or navigation buttons

Typed characters

Character keys: each typed character is pronounced, one by one, including punctuation.

* If the cursor is in the middle of a word, you will first hear a word fragment, but from the second keystroke you will hear whole words.

  • The three basic speech keys are neighbors on the keyboard. Use Ctrl + Numpad one, Ctrl + Numpad two and Ctrl + Numpad three respectively for Read current word, Read current sentence and Read current page.

You also have the following keyboard controls:

To do this:

Use this:


Ctrl + Numpad five ( 5 )

Set speed higher

Ctrl + Numpad plus ( + )

Set speed lower

Ctrl + Numpad minus ( – )

Restore speed

Ctrl + Numpad asterisk ( * )


Be sure the selected RealSpeak voice is for the same language as the text you intend to read.

Converting Text to Speech