Bookmarking pages

You can bookmark pages of interest to you then select and save them for further use.

There are three ways to bookmark pages

  • In the Thumbnails panel, use the shortcut menu and choose Place Bookmark.

  • In the Find, Replace and Mark Text dialog box, select the Bookmark page check box. During the searching process all pages that contain the text entered in the Find what box will be bookmarked.

  • In the Workflow Assistant, on the Mark Text panel, select Bookmark page. During workflow processing all the pages that contain the text typed in the Redacting, Highlight or Strikeout boxes will automatically be bookmarked.

  • When Marking Text through a workflow, you can enter multiple words in the Redacting, Highlight or Strikeout boxes separated by semicolons.

To select and save bookmarked pages

  1. In the Thumbnails panel, right-click and choose Select SpecialPages with Bookmark.

  2. Click the Export Results button. In the Save to File dialog box, select saving options, name your file and click OK.

  3. In the Document Manager panel you can see which pages of the current document are bookmarked.

Bookmarking pages