Auto-zoning for vertical texts

If you set Japanese, Korean or Chinese as the recognition language, auto-zoning will find text blocks and detect the text direction. Vertical Asian text appears horizontally in the Text Editor, but can be exported as vertical. See Asian language recognition.

Auto-zoning detects vertical texts in non-Asian languages in table cells and anywhere on Normal PDF or XPS pages. Multi-line detection is possible in these cases.

For image-only PDF and XPS files, and for all other image file or scanner input, auto-detection works with the following conditions:

  • It must be only a single line of text

  • It must be on the left or right of a diagram or picture or

  • It must be situated on the left or right edge of the page – it does not have to extend over the full height of the page.

Vertical text outside tables can be manually zoned. This allows multiple vertical lines to be handled correctly.

Vertical texts can be viewed and edited with a vertical cursor in the Text Editor using True Page. In other formatting levels the text is placed horizontally.

Auto-zoning for vertical texts