ODMA support

Omnipage pro ODMA support

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

The abbreviation ODMA stands for Open Document Management Application Programming Interface. If your local network includes a Document Management System (DMS) that supports ODMA clients, OmniPage will be able to work with it.

Omnipage eng tbx odma ODMA support

To process a document using ODMA:

  1. Select Load from ODMA in the Get Page drop-down list.

  2. Select Save to ODMA in the Export Result drop-down list.

  1. For automatic processing, click the Omnipage tbxb start ODMA support Start button.
    For manual processing, click one of the numbered buttons (1, 2 or 3). See below.

    See Processing automatically and Processing manually for more information.

To load an image from ODMA

  1. Click the Omnipage tbxb load odma ODMA support Get Page button with Load from ODMA selected.

The DMS Open dialog box will appear.

  1. Connect to the DMS server, select the file to be loaded and click Open.

You may be able to load only one file at a time. This depends on the version of the Document Management System you are using.

  1. Click the File System… button (or a similarly named button) to load images directly from your local computer through the Load Image File dialog box dialog box.

To recognize images

  • Click the Omnipage tbxb ocr ODMA support Perform OCR button.

To save documents to ODMA:

  1. Click the Omnipage tbxb export odma ODMA support Export Results button with Save to ODMA selected.

  2. Select the appropriate options in the Export Options dialog box

  3. Connect to the DMS server if necessary then click Save.

  4. Click the File System… button to save the document directly to your local computer.

  1. Select a folder location and name your file, then click Save in the Save As dialog box of your Document Management System.

  2. Check the file in, inside your Document Management System.

Processing with workflows

You can create workflows for processing documents through a Document Management System. To run a workflow, select the appropriate workflow in the Workflow drop-down list, then click the Start button. See ODMA workflow for more information.

  • You cannot create Batch Manager jobs with ODMA input or output.


  • Direct links are available to three ODMA-compliant Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems: Microsoft SharePoint, Hummingbird (Open Text) and iManage (Interwoven). The links appear only if the relevant ECM is available on your system.



ODMA support