eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF

Access this Assistant from the Tools menu or the shortcut menu of a PDF file in Windows Explorer or your desktop

It is specially designed to create searchable PDF files from image-only PDF files, or files that already contain some text elements or text pages without altering or applying an OCR process to existing text. In other words, it limits its processing to the image-only parts of the input PDF.

All text-based elements in a PDF remain untouched including document metadata, annotations, mark-up editing, stamps and more. The process can run automatically or with interaction for zoning or proofing.

The Assistant loads files you select from your file system and returns the results to the same location; choose whether to have the original files overwritten or conserved and whether to view the results or not. Zoning and proofing occur in their own windows, with no connection to any documents open in OmniPage at the time.

To define the language choice, use the OCR Options panel and start the Assistant from the Tools menu.

When the Assistant is started outside OmniPage it takes the language choice from the current Direct OCR setting. Access this by choosing Settings in the OmniPage toolbar of an Office application. If Direct OCR is not set up, the recognition language will be the one defined for OmniPage at installation time.




eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF