File-it Assistant

Omnipage pro File it Assistant

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

The File-it Assistant is for scanning jobs that require no user interaction during the processing. In a typical scenario operators at a scanning station prepare documents, applying the appropriate cover page to each, without needing to know anything about the later processing or destination of the documents, because all that is pre-determined.

The Assistant lets you print a barcode cover page to identify your workflow. Then put your document into a scanner’s ADF and place this cover page on top of the document; start the workflow by pressing your scanner button associated previously with OmniPage.


  1. In OmniPage, select File-it Assistant from the Tools menu.

  2. In the Start panel, name your workflow. You cannot name an existing workflow.

  3. Choose an output format from the supported text or image file formats.

  4. Specify an output file location.

  5. Name your output file.

  6. Click Continue…  

  7. In the Finish panel, click the Control Panel… button to associate a scanner button with OmniPage if you have not done it yet. To do this in the Scanners and Cameras panel, click the Properties button while your scanner is selected. In the Properties dialog box, click the Events tab. Select a scanner event (i.. e. a scanner button) and associate it with OmniPage, i.e. under Actions, select OmniPage 18.

  8. If you know the default workflow values are suitable for your needs, print the barcode cover page and skip steps 9-13.

  9. Click View Workflow Settings… to display the Workflow Assistant with three predefined steps (Scan, Recognize and Save) and their default options. You cannot change the steps but you can change their options.

  10. Go through the steps, check and modify the options according to your needs.

  11. Click Finish to close the Workflow Assistant.

  12. A warning message reminds you to print the barcode cover page.

  13. Click Print Cover Page…. Click OK in the Print dialog box.

  14. Click Finish.

  15. Place the printed barcode cover page on top of a document in your scanner.

  16. Push the OmniPage-associated scanner button.

    The File-it Assistant creates the barcode cover page workflow automatically. When you push the scanner button, the Batch Manager starts with this scanning workflow and the processing begins.
    The document will be converted and sent to the output location using the workflow settings.

  17. Click the  Omnipage tb bm activate File it Assistant Activate Job button at any time to activate this barcode cover page scanning workflow in Batch Manager for repeated tasks.  Each time a new job occurrence will be created. In the History column you can get an overview on all occurrences.

    For more complex tasks including interactive steps (e.g. manual zoning, proofing) create a barcode cover page job manually as described in topic Creating barcode cover page jobs.


File-it Assistant