Defining folders for finding workflow files

Omnipage pro Defining folders for finding workflow files

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

For barcode cover page jobs, you may have to define one or more folders, possibly at network locations,  that should be searched to find the workflow files (extension .xwf) referenced by the barcodes. If you do not add further folders, only the default workflow folder on the local computer will be searched:

under Vista and Windows 7


under Windows XP
Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\ScanSoft\OmniPage18\Workflow

To define further folders for finding workflow files:

  1. In Batch Manager, select Tools > Options.

  2. On the General panel, click Add and browse for a folder to add folders to the folder list.

  1. Select a folder, then click OK.

    The selected folder will be displayed under Location for workflow files. The program will search all listed folders for workflow files.

  2. Click OK.

  3. Use the Workflow dialog box from the Tools menu to import workflow files from network locations for non-barcode processing.

Defining folders for finding workflow files