Barcode processing with scanner input

Omnipage pro Barcode processing with scanner input

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

Barcode processing can be started by placing the barcode cover page on top of a document to be scanned. See the main steps for barcode processing in the About barcode processing topic.

To prepare scanning with barcode page:

  1. Check that in the Workflow drop-down list 1-2-3 is selected.

  2. Select Tools > Options > Scanner tab.

  3. In the Scanner panel, under Scanner button, select Barcode cover page workflow, or Prompt for workflow as Default action.

To scan with a barcode page:

  1. Place the barcode cover page on the top of the document in the ADF.

  2. Press the Start button on the scanner.

    If Prompt for workflow is selected in the Scanner panel, a dialog box appears with the available choices: Scanning, Barcode cover page workflow, and all scanning workflows.

All available pages will be processed by the specified workflow, or until a new barcode page is encountered. The result will be saved.

In the Scanner panel, Prompt for more pages should be selected, if you want to scan more pages than your ADF’s capacity.


Barcode processing with scanner input