Barcode processing with file input

Omnipage pro Barcode processing with file input

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

See the main steps for barcode processing with image file input in the About barcode processing topic.

To prepare for processing image files with a barcode page:

  1. Start the Batch Manager.

  2. Choose Options… from the Tools menu.

  1. Check that the Enable OmniPage Agent on system tray option in the General panel is selected.

  2. Optionally, specify one or more folders for finding workflow files referenced by the cover pages.

To process with the barcode cover page job:

  1. Make sure that the job is running at the required time.

  2. The folder is being monitored and the workflow will be started as soon as a barcode cover page is placed in the specified watched folder.

  3. The workflow will process image files arriving in the folder after the cover page. Saving will be performed according to the saving options, when all the input files are processed. If more files are dropped without a new cover page, they are processed and saving will be performed again, including the new pages.

  4. The workflow will be completed at the specified end time of the job, or each time a new barcode cover page is detected.

You can copy the barcode cover page image and the image files into the watched barcode folder yourself, or direct others to do this.

You can also place just a barcode cover page image file in the watched folder, then have a network scanner make and send image files there.



Barcode processing with file input