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This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

You can run workflows (a series of steps and settings) using barcode cover pages that define which workflow should run. A barcode cover page identifies a workflow (with a workflow identifier, workflow name and workflow steps) and also contains information on workflow creation (name of the creator, date of creation, etc.).

There are two ways to do barcode processing:

  • Scanner input: Workflow processing is driven by placing the barcode cover page on top of a document to be scanned and pushing the scanner’s Start button.

  • Image file input: Job processing is driven by placing the barcode cover page image along with document images into a watched barcode folder.

For scanner input you have to

  • Use File-it Assistant to create barcode cover page scanning workflows for repeated document conversion tasks.

For image file input you must create a barcode cover page job.

A barcode cover page job uses a special kind of watched folder. Always use a separate folder for barcode processing. The starting time for the workflow is defined by the moment the barcode cover page enters a watched folder.

For a barcode cover page job processing you need to

Network processing

For network processing, you may have to define one or more further folders that should be searched to find the workflow files (extension .xwf) referenced by the cover pages. If you do not add further folders, only the default workflow folder will be monitored for workflow files.  





About barcode processing