Welcome to OmniPage 18, and thank you for using our software!

OmniPage offers a smart way to increase your work productivity by eliminating the need for retyping.

The OmniPage optical character recognition (OCR) technology accurately and easily converts scanned paper documents and images from image files into editable text for use in your favorite computer applications.

This Help system is designed to help you learn about OmniPage. It contains information on features, settings, and procedures. If you need guidance on using this Help system and the context-sensitive help, please consult Getting Help.

Omnipage pro Welcome

OmniPage Professional is a version of the product designed for more intensive use and is tailored to office environments. Its added features are denoted through the help by this symbol.

OmniPage Professional is supplied in Enterprise versions for network use. There are also Special Editions for selected scanner manufacturers and other resellers. The feature set in these editions may vary, in line with each vendor’s requirements.